Creation Series Smoked Plum SyrupCreation Series Smoked Plum Syrup

Product description

Key Features
A cup of sweet and sour smoked plum juice is a fond childhood memory for most Taiwanese as it was one of the most popular beverages then.
To offer this traditional and exclusive flavor, we use Taiwanese plum and brown sugar. You can enjoy this special juice flavor and give your taste buds a big taste feast.

Smoked plum concentrated juice for bubble tea

Product Uses
Our recommended dilution ratio is 1: 5 (Fruit Syrup : water).
Best served mixed with iced water, sparkling water, or blended with ice. This flavor goes best with a menu that has fried foods or heavier tasting foods as it is refreshing.

Watch how to dilute this syrup here:


Packaging  2.5kg * 6 bottles / carton
960ml * 12 bottles / carton
Shelf Life  12 months
Storage Conditions Room temperature, refrigerate after use


Commodity story

Creation Series Fruit Syrup products, which are rich in natural fruit ingredients, have created trends in the beverage market and have become some consumers’ favorite flavors. With a great range of flavors from the juiciest fruits, they can be used to make a wide variety of bubble drinks, smoothies, and carbonated fruit flavored beverages. They can be diluted to make beverages, or they can be used to enhance your dessert and ice cream topping flavors.

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