Production and R&D Teams

With prudence and enthusiasm, we adhere to food safety and creation.

We believe that the food business is a business of conscience.

We focus on raw material selection, new product development, and in-process quality control. In a move to provide diverse and high-quality products, Creation Food has introduced the most modern production equipment from Europe and Japan.

We also obtained the HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO22000 certifications. We strive for food safety for customers and consumers.

Professional Coffee Team

The key to determining good coffee beans lies in profession
Our selection lays the foundations for gourmet coffee

We work with one of the world’s biggest unroasted coffee bean producers.

Professional roasting techniques bring out the flavor of coffee beans.

Perfect blending creates smooth flavor

With the help of the SCA Q Grader and Cupping Judge, we strictly control our quality, deciding on the proportion and flavor profile of each coffee blend.

Professional roasting techniques decide the perfect coffee aroma

Our professional roasting techniques keep pace with global trends and can bring out the unique flavor of fresh coffee beans. The moment that the roast is finished, they will taste better on your taste buds from your first sip to the very last.

Product Application Team

Given the demand and trend, we explore the possibilities of presenting delicious food

Creation Food is at the forefront of market trends and is always seeking out new knowledge. By integrating market trends and the changing seasons into our creative philosophy, we develop a wide variety of innovative recipes for cuisine, baking, and beverages. Certified technicians and dedicated product managers always provide the latest professional services and the most complete training programs.

Our new creative center opened in 2017. It has a complete set of cooking, baking, and beverage equipment. Creation Food regularly holds workshops, inviting international chefs to give lectures at the center. Meanwhile, we focus on the management of our digital platform and actively explore the evolving needs of our market . Our innovative products and collaborative spirit inspire our clients and enhance their business.

Distribution Team

Perfect and immediate services tailored to client needs

We have nearly 60 direct-sales stores around Taiwan, nearly 300 delivery vehicles, hundreds of professional salespeople, and a dedicated distribution team.

They provide convenient, thoughtful, and fast delivery service for our customers, including hotels, restaurants, international fast food chains, airlines, high-speed rail companies, coffeehouse chains, bakeries, independent stores, and retail channels, to satisfy their needs.

Technical Support

Professional and dedicated, our team provides a full range of technical services around Taiwan

We established our technical support team in 2000, setting up our maintenance centers in northern, central and southern areas of the country.

Our full-time, experienced engineers make regular inspections and perform maintenance servicing around the island. They strive to offer a full range of services to meet each customer’s needs.