Production and R&D Teams

We care about food safety.

In a move to provide diverse and high-quality products, we have obtained the HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO22000 certifications.

We use the most up to date production equipments and we have quality assurance teams that focus on raw material selection, new product development, and in-process quality control.

Product Application Team

We care about delicious new trends.

We are actively seeking and creating new market trends. By integrating these trends, our certified technicians develop a wide variety of innovative recipes and products for beverages, cuisines, deserts, and so much more. We regularly hold workshops for our customers to introduce these new applications and new products

Professional Coffee Team

We care about coffee.

In order to provide the best quality beans, we work with one of the world’s biggest producers of coffee beans. We have a fully automated coffee roasting and packaging production line that is compatible with global trends. Then, with the help of the SCA Q Grader system and cupping judges, we are able to provide the best flavor profile for each coffee blend.


Distribution Team

We care about your needs.

We have a dedicated distribution team that is equipped with temperature monitored vehicles. We provide high quality delivery services for our customers, including hotels, restaurants, international fast food chains, airlines, high-speed rail companies, coffeehouse chains, bakeries, independent stores, and retail channels.

Technical Support

We care about supporting you.

We are a one stop solution for you and your company. Our technical support team is a group of experienced technicians that can help you with your menu or help you train your team. We can also provide consulting for shop openning.


Last but not least, we care about you.