Creation Food’s Tea Event set the Refreshment Trend of Summer 2021

As the weather becomes warmer, Creation Food’s creative center in Taipei’s Neihu District is getting busier with new products for the season.   In recent days, the food company’s French dessert chef Denis Tremouilleres took center stage at the Summer Tea Event to talk about the refreshment trend of the summer and show his skill in baking desserts in front of Taiwanese confectioners invited to share their opinions.


Pink drinks for this summer gain popularity

Taiwan’s well-known catering supplier Creation Food worked together with French syrup and fruit purée producer Monin on June 13 to hold a beverage-trend workshop in Taipei. Both companies also shared the latest beverage applications and global beverage news with Taiwanese beverage manufacturers in an effort to help them grasp the business opportunities for the domestic beverage market this summer. According to the recent statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the annual turnover of the Taiwanese beverage industry reached NT$51.1 billion and continues to grow every year. With the rising temperatures after the Dragon Boat Festival, the beverage sales are growing higher. Meanwhile, the MOEA data also show that the number of restaurant chain brands has grown to 970 from 624 between 2012 and 2017, an increase of 346 brands. Among them, the number of restaurant brands in particular increased by 201. In addition, the number of chain stores rose to 32,810 from 28,880 during the same period, an increase of 3,930 retail outlets. Among them, the number of restaurant chains increased by 1,737. The number of beverage outlets and cafés also rose by 763 and 544. Such figures indicate that the overall market of Taiwan’s catering industry continued to grow. Combining the official statistics and market data, we can see that the number of cafés, bistros and pubs has been growing up, Creation Food said. It is obvious that the demand for house wine, nonalcoholic drinks, and cocktails has also been expanding. That’s why Creation Food and Monin joined hands in holding the workshop on beverage applications and trends to promote creative and eye-catching drinks. Tony Huang, R&D Manager of Monin Asia Pacific, said that the behavior of consumers using digital media and devices will still influence the beverage applications and market for this summer. For example, someone adds the visual design of beverages to his or her check-in status on Facebook, Instagram posts, and video clips on Youtube. The posts and videos can always draw people’s attention because the key lies in the use of colors, Huang said. Pink drinks for this summer will gain popularity, he added. The pink colors on the PANTONE Color Chart, such as cherry-red, orange-yellow and peach-red, become the popular design elements. According to Monin’s global data, the market for flower-flavored beverages has increased by 10% between 2018 and 2022. Such data show that the business opportunities for floral and fruit flavors will still continue until 2022. Huang also provided a number of ideas on creative drinks at the workshop. In some cases, the first idea combines Monin Salted Sakura Syrup and Monin Lychee Fruit Purée, together with soda, lemon juice, strawberry, and rosemary to create a summer drink with a refreshing flavor. The second one is “Strawberry Garden Martini” – a nonalcoholic cocktail very suitable for bistros. This drink is mainly based on Monin Strawberry Purée, Monin Elderflower Syrup, jasmine green tea, and lemon juice. Garnish the drink with fresh lemon peels and strawberries to make a cup of beautiful nonalcoholic martini. The third is “Peach Champagne Mojito” – a nonalcoholic cocktail to embody the concept of classic Mojito. This drink mixes together Monin Peach Purée, Monin Mojito Syrup, and Monin White Grape Syrup. Lemon wedges, mint leaves, and ice cubes are also added into the beverage. Lastly, pour carbonated water into the drink slowly and stir it gently. Then it becomes a classic Mojito cocktail without alcohol. Huang said that the visual experience still dominates this year’s beverage market. In addition, another beverage application is emerging – sparkling water is added into Monin’s different syrup to make a wide variety of nonalcoholic cocktails.