Creation Food’s Tea Event set the Refreshment Trend of Summer 2021

As the weather becomes warmer, Creation Food’s creative center in Taipei’s Neihu District is getting busier with new products for the season.
In recent days, the food company’s French dessert chef Denis Tremouilleres took center stage at the Summer Tea Event to talk about the refreshment trend of the summer and show his skill in baking desserts in front of Taiwanese confectioners invited to share their opinions.
Tremouilleres, who has served as a chef in many Michelin-starred restaurants, said that as the heat approaches, refreshing and light flavors should replace the strong tastes of winter as the main draw. Tremouilleres recommended using raspberry cream cheese cake as a starting point to develop more diverse offerings for the warmer months.
The dessert is made by first melting Valrhona white chocolate and Inspiration raspberry chocolate, he said. The mixed chocolate is then whipped together with digestive biscuits to form the basis for the pie crust.
The raspberry cream cheese, which is the filling that forms the main body of the cake, is made by mixing Candia cream cheese and whipping cream. With the smooth tasting Crop's raspberry puree, the filling has a refreshingly sweet and sour flavor suitable for the heat.           
Another dessert, the souffle cheesecake, mixes Lian fresh milk, Crop's yellow lemon puree, and cream cheese into the cake filling, producing a zestfully tart tang.
Creation Food understands the need of stores to develop new products to maintain operations the year round. Tremouilleres, who is an experienced baker, has developed a variety of inspired desserts that appeal to popular tastes and follow summer trends.