Lian Cofé Creamer (coffee creamer)Lian Cofé Creamer (coffee creamer)

Product Description

Creation Series-Lian Cofé Creamer is the leading brand of creamers in Taiwan. It goes through ultra-high temperature sterilization, complemented with sterilized filling and packaging, and does not contain any preservatives. It can be stored under room temperature and is easy to carry and use. Lian Cofé Creamer does not use hydrogenated vegetable oil, and no trans fat was found through SGS testing. This coffee creamer goes best with dark roast coffee. Its classic, rich flavor goes best turning bitter into sweet.It also matches well with black tea, oolong tea, and sweets.Rich creamy taste accentuates delicate texture. Each 10ml creamer only has 26kcal, or 1.3% of the recommended daily intake, so you can enjoy its delicious taste guiltlessly!

Lian coffee creamer
                                                                      Coffee creamer and coffee background


Packaging  5ml/portion, 50 portions/pack, 8 packs/carton
 10ml/portion, 50 portions/pack, 8 packs/carton
 10ml/portion, 20 portions/pack, 20 packs/carton
Shelf Life  6 months
Storage Conditions Room temperature, avoid direct sunlight

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Brand Story

Since 1982, the rich classic creamer has led consumers to a good taste journey. The first leading brand of Taiwan creamer was born, and then launched Lian Series (戀).
Lian Single-Serve Milk portion, Lian Fresh Milk, Lian Fine Granulated Sugar (packages), Lian Single-Serve Liquid Sugar.
From the raw material testing to the strict control of each process, each batch of finished products are printed with the batch number and date, and samples are tested to ensure product quality. 

The factory has obtained ISO22000, ISO9001, and HACCP international quality system certifications. It is committed to providing high-quality and reliable products, which are essential products for consumers and chefs to live easily.