Creation Series Yellow Label Whip Topping (Baking and Filling Cream)Creation Series Yellow Label Whip Topping (Baking and Filling Cream)

Product Description

Key Features
Creation Series develops various whip topping creams for beverage, bakery and dough. This sugar free whip cream is specific for desserts baking and filling also for bubble tea topping.

Whipping cream for baking and filling_ baking ingredients

Volume Increase

Has a 30% or more increase in volume compared to dairy whipping creams, about 4 times the original volume after whipped.
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Packaging  1L/Tetrabrik, 12 Tetrabriks/carton
Shelf Life  9 months
Storage Conditions Refrigerated

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Brand Story

Whether you are looking for reliable suppliers, cost-efficient but quality products, or you are opening a new bubble/boba tea shop, Creation Food is the best solution for you. In order to provide premium products, we have the highest food safety standards, as well as state of the art production lines. We are well-experienced and well- equipped with what you are looking for as we have provided products to satisfied customers for almost 40 years.

This is why "Creation Series" was created, to help our customers create a dream tea shop or restaurant and build a team of their own, and find reliable partners who will be with them every step of this journey. Under this brand provide a wide range of products, from milk tea powders, to whipping cream (including non-dairy heavy cream), to dessert mixes, and fruit syrups.

We hope that we can provide service to you!