Iced Latte with Sugarcane JuiceIced Latte with Sugarcane Juice


Fresh sugarcane juice has a color that is both yellow and green. Sugarcane water (also known as sugarcane juice) is the naturally sweet and nutrient-rich water cold pressed from sugarcanes. Sugarcane juice is guaranteed to provide that rich, full-flavored sweetness that you won’t get from adding normal sugar. You can find it in any traditional market, night markets, or tea shops here in Taiwan. It is a beverage that has long been enjoyed in many cultures worldwide.
Add this to your classic caffè mocha latte, for a silky sugarcane flavor filled flavored coffee, with that rich creamy milk. A single sip delivers three stages, each of which offering a unique profile.
The initial stage brings you the milk and sugarcane’s sweetness. Afterwards, your tastebuds will receive the coffee’s bitterness. Finally, the experience is completed by a subtle touch of the unique sugarcane flavor.
The nutty flavor from the coffee and the mellow sweetness of sugarcane: a match made in heaven!

Ingredients and Steps