Winter Melon & Passion Fruit FantasyWinter Melon & Passion Fruit Fantasy


As a world famous fruit with abundant aroma, passion fruits have more unique and layered flavors than you would think.
It brings out different tastes every time you try it, and one drop will give your drink more texture and many more assorted flavors.

Passion fruit is a remarkably juicy fruit with just the right combination of special sweetness and sourness.
To top it off, the fruit is rich in dietary fiber and you also get fewer calories over the course of one day.
Therefore, passion fruit becomes many people’s favorite flavor for beverages.

The sour flavor from the passion fruit syrup is gently mixed with the graceful aroma of jasmine green tea. It is then combined with the sweetness of white gourd syrup, giving the drink a rich and oriental taste.
Careful now, it might make you feel intoxicated, even without alcohol.

Ingredients and Steps

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