Creation Series Purple Label Whip Topping (Whipping Cream)Creation Series Purple Label Whip Topping (Whipping Cream)

Product description

Key Features
Creation Series develops various whip topping creams for beverage, bakery and dough. This whip topping with milky flavor is specific for desserts baking and filling. Also for bubble tea mousse topping. 

We are one of the leading manufacturers of whipping cream and provide both dairy and non dairy options for our customers. As we are one of the largest suppliers for icings, fillings, and whipping topping for the foodservice, our products are versatile and consistent. These high performing whipping creams are for all your patisserie, bakery and beverage needs. Creation Food produces the tastiest and creamiest whipping cream in our own brand, and also in private labels. 

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Bakery Ingredients: Whipping cream supplier for food service industry

Volume Increase

4 times the original volume after whipped
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Packaging  1L/Tetrabrik, 12 Tetrabriks/carton
Shelf Life  9 months
Storage Conditions Refrigerated

Commodity story

This is a revolutionary product for the baking industry as it is one of the most versatile whips on the market. It is easily shaped once whipped, and there is no water release of splitting. Even if you are a beginner baker, you still can do a great job with this whip cream. It has a fine and silky texture, and a natural creamy flavor.
Its rich, mellow, and mildly sweet features can make your baking experience more enjoyable and trouble-free.

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