How to Choose a Coffee Maker? 3 Great Tips to Find the Best One for You (II)

With this many kinds of coffee makers on the market, how does anyone pick the one that’s best for them? Follow the 3 steps below and you will find the most suitable one! 


1.     Coffee Type
There are several types of coffee, such as Americano, espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc, and each type of coffee maker is more suitable to brew certain types. You can choose the most suitable coffee maker according to your own habits and preferences. If you are someone who likes to try a variety of flavors, a capsule coffee maker is recommended, and if you like a rich coffee taste, you can choose an espresso coffee maker.
2.     Type of Filter
If your choice is the drip coffee maker, the material of the filter will result in the different taste of the coffee. A coffee filter maker is recommended if one prefers a fresh and clean taste, and a metal filter maker if one prefers a special rich taste. 
3.     Function
Last, you can pick your coffee maker by its function. Different types of coffee makers include different functions, such as adjustments of water or temperature, the density of the milk foam, or how many different types of coffee you can make. Remember to choose the right coffee machine according to the functions you need.
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