Iced Latte with Sugarcane JuiceIced Latte with Sugarcane Juice


Fresh sugarcane juice has a color that is both yellow and green. Sugarcane water (also known as sugarcane juice) is the naturally sweet and nutrient-rich water cold pressed from sugarcanes. Sugarcane juice is guaranteed to provide that rich, full-flavored sweetness that you won’t get from adding normal sugar. You can find it in any traditional market, night markets, or tea shops here in Taiwan. It is a beverage that has long been enjoyed in many cultures worldwide.
Add this to your classic caffè mocha latte, for a silky sugarcane flavor filled flavored coffee, with that rich creamy milk. A single sip delivers three stages, each of which offering a unique profile.
The initial stage brings you the milk and sugarcane’s sweetness. Afterwards, your tastebuds will receive the coffee’s bitterness. Finally, the experience is completed by a subtle touch of the unique sugarcane flavor.
The nutty flavor from the coffee and the mellow sweetness of sugarcane: a match made in heaven!


Ingredients and Steps


[ Item A ] Drip Coffee- Special Blend 1 pack
[ Item B ] Fresh Squeezed 100% Sugarcane Juice 110 cc
[ Item C ] Lian Milk 100 cc
[ Item D ] Hot water 80ml
[ Item E ] Ice cube to taste
[ Step 1 ] First, to make the coffee, put the drip coffee on top of your cup. Then, pour 80 ml hot water into the ground coffee within the coffee bag on the top of the cup. Pour slowly until you see the grounds swell, rise, and bubble. Allow 50 seconds for the bloom to finish.
[ Step 2 ] Second, leave it soaked for 50 seconds. This process can extract the sweet flavor from the grounds.
[ Step 3 ] Mix the sugarcane juice, milk, and ice cubes in a shaker for a while, and pour the hot coffee into the shaker as well.
[ Step 4 ] Shake for 8 to 10 seconds and then pour the content into a glass.
[ Step 5 ] If you don’t have a shaker, you can simply pour in the sugarcane juice, milk and ice cubes into the hot coffee and mix well.

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