Sicily Style Lemon Iced CoffeeSicily Style Lemon Iced Coffee


Lemon coffee is originally from Sicilia, a southern island in Italy. The taste of sour lemons with the aroma of our Special Blend drip coffee brings out a unique and unforgettable flavor.
The fresh taste of lemons gives you a wonderful experience, as if you were traveling in Italy and enjoying a nice breeze at the beach on a summer day.
You just need to go through a
few simple steps at home or anywhere else, and then you can make your own coffee within 5 minutes.


Ingredients and Steps

[ Item A ] Drip Coffee- Special Blend 1 pack
[ Item B ] Creation Series Lemon Flavoured Syrup 40g
[ Item C ] Hot water 100ml
[ Item D ] Ice cubes 1 cup
[ Item E ] Lemon 1 slice for garnish
[ Step 1 ] Pour approximately 50ml hot water into the drip coffee (hanging ear drip coffee packs) on the top of the cup. Second, leave it to soak for about 50 seconds. This process can extract the flavor of sweetness out of coffee powders.
[ Step 2 ] Pour another 50ml of hot water slowly and evenly into the drip coffee, and wait patiently to allow the water to completely drip through and out of the coffee bag.
[ Step 3 ] Shake lemon syrup and ice cubes in a shaker for a while. Then pour the hot coffee into the mix and shake well.
[ Step 4 ] Lock the cap of the coffee shaker and shake it for 8-10 seconds, and then pour the beverage out into a glass, and then garnish the glass with a slice of lemon.
[ Step 5 ] If you don’t have a shaker, you can just simply put lemon syrup and ice cubes into the hot coffee, and stir them together evenly.

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