Creation Series Panna Cotta Mix- Black Sesame FlavourCreation Series Panna Cotta Mix- Black Sesame Flavour

Product Description

Key Features
If you liked our original flavor panna cotta mix, this sesame flavored one is a must try. The rich sesame flavors in this mix add to the thick milky flavors, making it an even richer panna cotta. Add some sesame sauce on top and give your audience an AWE both in flavor and in display. It is also very good with fresh fruits, syrups and sauces, especially matcha sauce.

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Instant panna cotta premix with sesame flavors


Packaging 1000g / bag; 12 bags/carton
Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Conditions Room temperature, avoid direct sunlight

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Brand Story

CREATION FOOD uses market experience as a blueprint, and trends as direction. It depicts a variety of baking and beverage ingredients to meet customers' expectations for DIY desserts and drinks. A variety of dairy products, snacks, powdered powders, mixed drinks and European bread that surrounds happiness and surprise, simply presenting classic and original flavors, and can also change different cooking uses to meet modern people's convenience and food safety and hygiene. Requirements, enjoy the achievements and fun of making snacks and drinks easily