Caffe Chat Dark Roast Drip CoffeeCaffe Chat Dark Roast Drip Coffee

Product Description

Key Features



Packaging 10g x 8 bags/box 12 box/carton ;
10g x 50 bags/pack ; 8 packs/carton
Shelf Life 18 months
Storage Conditions Room temperature, avoid direct sunlight
Ingredients 100% ground coffee

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Brand Story

Caffe Chat
Drinking coffee is a part of life and a state of mind.
Everyone has their own persistence in life. Ours is providing the best quality coffee.
After countless cups of coffee, baking adjustments and flavor tests, every aspect is carefully inspected to ensure that we can make our coffee even better. You don't have to know a lot about coffee, but by choosing Caffe Chat, you will get to enjoy a top notch cup of deliciousness. We are committed to integrating wonderful coffee into people's lives, and we hope you get to enjoy it, too.